St. Thomas offers ‘Hazel’s Own’ English Toffee – Available for limited time during holidays

A recipe for English toffee StThomasToffee
from a church cookbook at St. Thomas Episcopal Church has become the basis for this congregation’s latest and most successful fundraiser.

“Our little red boxes of toffee are starting to get recognized everywhere. We have invested time, energy, and money into producing a tasty confection, and we want everyone to have a chance to try it,” said Rev. Torey Lightcap, rector of St. Thomas. “It’s something we think people will really enjoy, if they haven’t already tasted it.”

“Hazel’s Own” St. Thomas’ Toffee is inspired by a parishioner who died in March 2006. Part of her legacy was a recipe for toffee that originally appeared in a church cookbook. That recipe had been made many times over by approving fans throughout the years.

The product is made to strict standards by church volunteers using both the original recipe and a few secret innovations, all of which demands specific instructions and high-quality ingredients.

“I’ve had more than my share over the past few years, and it’s always perfect,” Lightcap said. “Someone who’s bought at least twenty boxes so far said he absolutely loved it, whereas before he didn’t even like toffee!”

“Hazel’s Own” St. Thomas Toffee is available right now by the half-pound in bright red (holiday-friendly) takeout-style boxes for $10 each, and by the quarter-pound for $5. Orders are welcomed now for as long as the supply holds out. In addition to holiday snacking, it makes a great thank-you gift to employees or business colleagues.

Safe web orders may be made through the church’s web site at, where customers can specify local pick-up or shipping to anywhere in the U.S. Or call 712-258-0141 to reserve your toffee, or just drop by the St. Thomas parish house at 406 12th Street 9:30 a.m. – 12:30 p.m. Monday through Thursday.

The Rev. Torey Lightcap
St. Thomas Episcopal Church
712.560.6806 (phone)
712.258.8101 (fax)


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