Junior League and BCU marketing students request your help

The Marketing Students at Briar Cliff JLSC-b.card(back)
have been working hard this year on a Marketing Plan for the Junior League of Sioux City and The Discovery Shop. As part of this research, they have put together some surveys for the public. Please use the links below and take some time to take the surveys.

Did you know that for over 40 years, The Discovery Shop has been the Junior League of Sioux City’s only fundraiser? With these funds the Junior League of Sioux City has been able to help our community with projects like Chris Larson Park, the HandsOn! Gallery at the Art Center, Cook Park, the Gateway Arches, and the all-new Playscape at the Dorothy Pecaut Nature Center, plus many more! Please stop by any time to see what’s new at The Discovery Shop! You can find more information about The Discovery Shop and also “LIKE” us on Facebook!

Each survey takes approximately 5 minutes.

Shopper Survey
Donor Survey
Volunteer Survey

The Junior League of Sioux City and the Briar Cliff Marketing Students appreciate your support!

Thank you!

Krista Wassenaar
President 2013-2014


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