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Check out the exciting things going on at your Famous Dave’s in Sioux City

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Greetings!!  There are many exciting things going on at your Famous Dave’s in Sioux City right at the moment.

First off, to everyone who has asked us why we took them off the menu I have fantastic news.  Drunkin’ Apples are back in the building!!!

National BBQ MonthMay is National BBQ Month and we are inviting everyone down to sign up to win Grab and Grill Ribs Certificates, Regular Gift Certificates, A FREE Backyard BBQ for you and twenty of your friends and fellow BBQ enthusiasts, or FREE Lunch for a year!!

While you are here signing up you should consider taking advantage of our other two brand new menu additions.

Bar-B-QuickBar-B-Quick is our new 11 AM – 2 PM TOGO lunch promotion.  I like to call it “faster than drive through BBQ.”  It is a lunch sized Texas Beef Brisket, Georgia Chopped Pork, or BBQ Pulled Chicken sandwich and bag of our brand new Famous Dave’s Kettle Chips (Spicy Devil Spit BBQ, Zesty BBQ, or tingle your taste buds unique Vinegar Mustard flavored Georgia Mustard BBQ) for $5.99.  The kicker is this:  we GUARANTEE you can walk in the front door and be out the door 5 minutes later with an Award Winning BBQ sandwich and chips.  Or call ahead and we will have it ready for you!!

In a continuing effort to prove that BBQ is more than just Ribs and Beer…even though Ribs & Beer are delicious…Famous Dave’s presents Urban Tacos for tacosLunch.  Fresh tortillas, fresh sliced jalapeno, pico de gallo, and fresh cilantro on top of your choice of Texas Beef Brisket w/ Jalapeno Red Onion, Georgia Chopped Pork w/ Grilled Pineapple, Crispy Chicken w/ Chipolte Lime Ranch, Burnt Ends w/ fried Onion Strings, or the king of fish tacos (in my humble opinion!!) Famous Dave’s Sweetwater Catfish with Cajun Remoulade.  All of them are served with a side of fresh fried tortilla chips and housemade salsa and are only $6.99 for two or $9.99 for three.

As always, definitely think about us for all of your party or business meeting needs.  We have seating for up to 80 in our upstairs loft area and never charge for use of the space as long as you are enjoying Award Winning BBQ for lunch or dinner.  If you can’t get away from the office and need to feed some people give us a call at 712-277-8800 and we will bring it to you.  To encourage you to do so we now have FREE delivery to an extended downtown area with a minimum $100 order.

We truly hope to see everyone soon!!!

Chris “Shug” Glaesemann
General Manager
Sioux City Famous Dave’s


Just How Many Racks of Ribs Can YOU Eat?

Do you watch shows like Man VS. Food on the Travel Channel? If you are someone who likes to watch people pack away lots of food in a short amount of time then this next event being hosted by Texas Roadhouse is something that you should definitely not miss.

Texas Roadhouse will hold the second Annual Rib Eating Contest on June 21st at 4:00 pm. This time, three guests and three employees will be locked in competition with firefighters. How much can a firefighter eat anyway? We’re not sure, but if you have never watched a firefighter eat ribs, it’s not something to be taken lightly. Texas Roadhouse will choose 3 guests together with 3 other employees in a team; then they are going to try to out-eat the firefighters.

Eating tons of ribs is not for everyone. If you are not competing, come and cheer for your favorite firefighter instead! This will be a fun contest either for participating or watching; you will totally forget your troubles and have a good time at Texas Roadhouse next Monday night. Even better, ten percent of the night’s profit goes to the Firefighter charity of choice.

Ribs, bar-b-que sauce,  messy fingers, laughs, and some very full stomachs will make a wonderful Monday night… This contest is going to be so hot, it’s ON FIRE (good thing there are already firefighters on site)! Sounds good to you? Then bring your camera (to take embarrassing pictures, of course) and some friends and be ready to get dirty as the competitors dig in!

If you would like to enter the competition, contact Texas Roadhouse at  (712) 274-7427 to sigh up now! Texas Roadhouse is located on 5130 Sergeant Rd.

Come join us next Monday to grab a meal while watching the exciting battle:  Firefighter VS. Food!

Jaci Huang & Kaitlin Tow
Social Media Interns