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Goosmann Law Firm Announces Boutique Estate Planning Department


The Goosmann Law Firm, PLC’s innovative law practice continues to grow. Jeana Goosmann, CEO of the Goosmann Law Firm, PLC, announces the formation of Goosmann Trust Law Counsel™, a boutique department specifically focused on comprehensive estate and business succession planning.

Factors like baby-boomers moving into retirement at a rate of 10,000 per day, the average life expectancy increasing to around age 79, as well as the U.S. Census Bureau reporting that in the year 2000 roughly 2.2 million older parents lived with their children with that increasing to 3.9 million in 2010 raises the urgency in having estate plans for this generation. According to the AARP, only 17% of Americans over the age of 50 have a current will and power of attorney.

“The growing complexity of estate planning documents and innovation in clients wanting to take more action to help manage their health care and long term care costs over their expected longer lifetimes and protect their beneficiaries is creating the need to have some attorneys who exclusively focus on estate planning,” states Goosmann.

That is one aspect of Goosmann Trust Law Counsel—dedicated staff to solely handle estate planning. Staff within this boutique department includes Christie Finnegan, Executive Director of Estate Planning; Breandan Donahue, Estate Planning Attorney, and Monica Colella, Paralegal. Jeana Goosmann is Managing Attorney and CEO.

“Dedicated estate planning attorneys and staff also allows for more sophisticated planning that is especially beneficial to business owners and those with larger estates, including farms,” Goosmann notes. “Estate and business succession planning are closely tied together and sometimes involves complex questions around law, tax, and business. Carefully integrating real estate, business ownership, and significant tax benefits into the estate plan is crucial. Sophisticated, well-crafted documents are necessary to ensure those goals are met.”

Another unique feature of Goosmann Trust Law Counsel is fixed fees which mean estate planning clients will have the opportunity to know their total cost up front before work even begins.

“My firm prides itself in great service for our clients,” Goosmann said. “Industry-wide, one frustration of clients was after they asked how much their estate plan would cost, they would get a wide range and in some cases, the final cost would be higher than the estimate. Our no-surprising billing through fixed fees for our estate planning services will enhance attorney-client communication because clients are not worried about asking questions due to being ‘on the clock’ with the lawyer.”

Goosmann feels the methods to estate planning found in Trust Law Counsel are cutting edge and fills a need for this region. “Estate planning is often one of the most overlooked areas of personal financial management, but yet is so important for people of all ages,” she says. “Our approach to estate planning breaks down barriers for people to get their plan in place. Goosmann Trust Law Counsel is dedicated to providing peace of mind for business owners, individuals and their families and we want to work with them and their other planning advisors in order to preserve their wealth and legacy.”

For more information on Goosmann Trust Law Counsel, visit www.TrustLawCounsel.com or call 712.226.4000.


Commercial Property Tax Appeal

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All across the United States, real estate values have dropped dramatically.  Many properties have not been accurately assessed for property tax purposes.  Issues with property taxes lie with whether the property is really worth what the assessor says it is.  This is especially important for industrial and commercial taxpayers with multiple business locations.  Many property owners are overpaying on property taxes, as there may be a substantial gap between the assessed value and the actual value of the property.

The property tax appeals process may vary by location.  Property owners in Sioux City are currently receiving notice of assessments.  If the property has not been reassessed, the same value is used for 2013 as was assessed in 2012.  The deadline to file a protest of the 2013 assessment is quickly approaching.  The deadline is May 5th.  Attorneys at Goosmann Law Firm, PLC understand the tax appeal process.

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Goosmann Law Firm Restores Historic Gem

The Goosmann Law Firm could have chosen to strike new ground for their much needed office space.  Instead, they chose to renovate and modernize a historic piece of downtown Sioux City; the Lerch building, located at 410 5th Street.  This investment in the Sioux City community was an opportunity to revitalize what once was and is now no-longer lost.  Rarely do we see the restoration of vacant commercial property; as a result leaving the past behind.  The Goosmann Law Firm is proud to be a part of this history in Sioux City.  It was an opportunity to refresh a part of downtown Sioux City; a chance for misplaced memories to reappear.

The Lerch building has seen many transitions since 1907 when William Lerch built this classic building of 16,000 sq. ft.  What remains today is a conversation between history and contemporary, between old and new.  Uncovered and preserved in the Lerch building are pieces with character; stunning wood floors, tin ceilings and grand columns that line the hallway to office entrances.  Painted on the west facade is a notable icon of downtown Sioux City – the We (heart) Sioux City logo.  The reviving of the Lerch building is an investment in Sioux City’s past as well as an investment into the future of the Goosmann Law Firm.

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